Paleo Banana Bread

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So far, most of my experiments into Paleo bread substitutes have wound up the texture of a cake.  The flavors have been good, but pizza crust cake doesn’t hold pizza toppings very well (not at all actually!!).  I tried a biscuit recipe this morning (thinking bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches would be great in a hurry), but that too just wasn’t right.  I’m going to tweak a few things next time and get there though and once I do, I’ll be sure to post for all of you!

The one that was AMAZING however, was the Paleo banana bread recipe I found on  Click here for a link to the recipe, it seriously is awesome!  Matt even liked it and he is a VERY tough critic!!  It was great toasted with a little butter, or straight out of the fridge as a good snack.  Super easy and yummy!!

If any of you have good bread substitute recipes, please send them my way!



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  1. Dani

    I’ve been receiving nutrition advice from Theresa Vernon,, for several years now. She has an online cookbook with several alternative bread recipes. Not all are primal, but some fit in and others can be modified with a little imagination and ingenuity. Enjoy :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Dani, I appreciate it!! Matt is always skeptical of my bread recipes because so few have worked thus far, I’ll give it a try :)

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